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October Newsletter

What a wonderful month October.  Leaves have just begun to change colors, the temperature is not cold but not extremely hot.

And school has settled in…???? we had our first of many science fairs. We placed pictures on the front top of our school website and Facebook page. Please comment on Facebook, the students would enjoy it. Our winner was Kenniya Miller, she won @25.00 (Miss Volcano)!

God is awesome, we were in real need of laptops and God sent them. Pictures are on the school website and Facebook.

Our first play of many is coming up on OCT. 18th, AKEELAH AND THE BEE. Some of our students had not seen it so they watched the movie together. They will have to do a comparison report on how the play and the movie affected them (critical thinking skills, language, presentation skills) they are also graded on how they present themselves in public.


IXL- A Computerized program used across America for 1st thru 12th grade, This program not only teaches but also provides teachers with insight as to how the student is performing and provides suggestions on what will assist the student. We are predominantly using it for math at this time.  We will extend it to our language social skills and science, but we must join and the program cost is $2,000.00. We have set up a GO FUND ME PAGE so ask friends and family to please contribute to this valuable program. Most private schools would ask parents to pay for this by raising tuition but we know finances can only go so far. We are committed to keeping prices low and yet providing the best education possible. Let’s all rally around this program, the sooner the better…


A computerized program set up thru our accrediting organization “The International Association of Christian Schools”. This program has been proven to increase reading and comprehension by 85%. This program will calculate where a student is and as they perform the exercises tell us how they are improving.


Our resident math teacher, with a degree in accounting and her own business, volunteers each week on Tuesday from 8AM to 6PM in the classroom and in math after school tutoring. At no cost to our parents! She then prepares class work for each day. This program tells her each day if they did their work and gives scores and insights about their progress, which she checks each night.

We have incorporated several other programs and will exhibit them at PTA on November 3rd at 7PM.

WORD FOR THE MONTH – Give thanks to the Lord for He gives new mercies each day. If God can’t do it, it can’t get done…And He will do it!!!! 

SAYING FOR THE MONTH – I am great, I am inspiring, I am affecting the world.

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