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Precious Blessing Academy is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. All contributions made are tax deductible. Our grade levels are pre kinderarten through 12th grade. We are accreditated under the International Association of Christian Schools. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Our school is located at 4823 Bryce Lane Richmond, VA 23224.

Precious Blessing Academy

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten
Precious Blessing Academy offers a full day year round school program. Children are enrolled on a first come first served basis. When all vacancies are full, new comers will be placed on a waiting list and will be enrolled in the order in which their applications are received.
An initial visit by the parent and the child is required before the child is enrolled. All required forms must be submitted before any child may be accepted at PBA. The necessary forms for a child not attending school are Birth Certificate, Social Security card, Immunization Records, Yearly physical form from your child’s doctor and PBA application and contract with a picture ID of parents.
We at Precious Blessing Academy are dedicated to assisting parents in acquiring a high quality education for their child(ren). We provide free breakfast, free midday healthy brunch, free after care snack all for a price that is negotiated with parents. A one time registration fee that is negotiated with parents. Parents may pay weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly. Social Service payments are also accepted. Your child’s life and academic future can be greatly enhanced by calling 804-232-7180. If you would like more information about our school, we would be more than glad to mail or e-mail you information or you can call us at {804} 232-7180.


Rhema Prepatory Academy

Grades: Kindergarten through 12th Grade
Rhema Prepatory Academy is a high quality, non-profit Christian college prepatory institution committed to educating the youth of today for the society of tommorow. Our mission is to nourished cultivate the intellectual, spiritual and social needs of our youth.
Rhema Prepatory Academy operates with not just a traditional academic focus. We are dedicated to seeking an individual path for each student that is conducive to their individual learning. Over the last 18 years this has proven to produce students with excellent critical thinking skills. These individuals have gone on to college and those who have graduated post secondary education have gone on to become great citizens of our country. We use the Biblical approach to education. We know a moral standard and a value system based on the Bible best prepares a student for fulfilling his/her responsibilities as a member of society. Education is a means God uses to bring the student into a relationship with Himself through Christ. Christian Education develops a Christian mind set so that the student can fulfill God’s will in his/her life vocationally and personally. We adhere to the following beliefs about education.
The family, school and church are to be complementary in the education of the student for a life of fellowship with God, service to man and development of a sense of self-responsibility.

  • Prayer by parents, teachers, administrators and students is a significant factor in affecting the lives of students.
  • Our curriculum is Christ-centered, teaching spiritual truths and morality as well as secular knowledge.

The curriculum is paced for the average and above student. However, it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach the student according to his/her abilities and achievement levels. We will move the student forward at their pace. This school is passionate in its belief that education must be individualized learning.

  • Drill work and memorization are key tools in instruction.
  • Reading is taught using phonics.
  • Math is taught in a traditional manner.

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Summer Camp

Our Philosophy for Summer Camp is to enhance your child’s belief that they are great! We want them to leave summer camp filled with confidence and acceptance.
We will use fun & scriptures to enhance the Summer Camp theme Sharing, Caring & Acceptance of others because we are all in this together. As well as a nationally approved fun program of self esteem boosters. From preschoolers to teenagers our program will have your child returning to school full of confidence. Our Summer Camp Goals:
To enhance and improve the campers academic achievements with the results that in September they are well prepared or ahead academically for the new school year. To build their self confidence & acceptance of others. This has proven to reduce bullying & raise self esteem. To ensure they have a fun filled summer. Our entire staff and I look forward to a great summer with your child (ren) filled with great achievements.

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