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Mission Statement

Our total mission is to nourish and cultivate the intellectual and social skill needs of children by providing the very best academic instruction in a safe, secure and loving environment.

We adhere to the following beliefs about education.

  • A student is taught how to have a life committed to God, family and the community to develop a sense of self responsibility and caring.
  • The teacher has the authority to administer discipline, according to our PBA correction policy and procedure All corrective procedures are administered in an effort of teaching each child consequences for their negative actions. We teach that it is the responsibility of students to handle their emotions in an appropriate and socially acceptable way. Parents are the key piece of this process and are included in this learning process.
  • The teacher is responsible for providing a loving, supportive, structured and challenging atmosphere.
  • Homework is assigned every day except the family’s church bible study night. Friday’s homework is not assigned. Every Friday is test day.
  • The curriculum is paced for the below average, average and above average students. However, we believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach the student according to his/her abilities and achievement levels.
  • Drill work, memorization and computer skills are all a part of a student’s academic instruction.
  • Reading is taught using phonics, blends and sounding out of words. If a student can sound out a word they can read. Our computerized reading assessment and tutorial programs not only enhance but cause our students to advance in reading and reading comprehension.
  • Math is taught in a traditional manner with a modern day twist of computer tutorials. These programs have been proven to advance students in their Math skills from kindergarten to 12th Grade
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