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The Elite Academy of Individualized Learning
summer camps Richmond, VA
The Elite Academy of Individualized Learning
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The Elite Academy of Individualized Learning
Playground fun at summer camp
Slip and slide at summer camp.
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Summer Camp

Our Philosophy for Summer Camp is to enhance your child’s belief that


We want them to leave Summer Camp filled with confidence & acceptance

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Precious Blessing Academy and Rhema Preparatory Academy

Our entire focus is that a student RISE TO THEIR HIGHEST LEVELS IN ACADEMICS . This is accomplished by learning the student. Each individual learns differently. Some by hearing, others by seeing, some by doing and others by all three. It is the job of the educator TO LEARN THE STUDENT. IF A STUDENT FAILS THE TEACHER HAS FAILED TO DO THEIR JOB. IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE STUDENT BUT OF THE TEACHER. OUR ( 2) SCHOOLS PRECIOUS BLESSING ACADEMY AND RHEMA PREPARATORY ACADEMY ARE ON ONE CAMPUS YET INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED TO ACCOMPISH THE GOAL OF INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING.


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